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October 12, 2016 Coal Chamber on their reunion, Whisky a Go Go, and new techs in music Posted In: Podcast, Rock Music

The reunion of Coal ChamberCoal Chamber - Nadja Peulen photo

In this podcast, Coal Chamber‘s bassist Nadja Peulen discusses the reunion with her old bandmates. According to the CruelTees designer, the disbandment of the band allowed each member to reset on a creative level. The 13-year hiatus between Dez Fafara, Meegs Rascon, Mike Cox and Nadja helped them write better metal music. These new inspirations can be enjoyed through Coal Chamber‘s latest music, heard on their new album Rivals. Nadja Peulen acknowledges the time apart contributed in the band members gaining maturity and appreciating playing with each other.

Whisky a Go Go, Roxy Theatre, House of Blues: disappearance of venues

In this interview, Nadja Peulen of Coal Chamber talks about the rock music scene in L.A., and the disappearance of live concerts venues, such as the House of Blues. As L.A.’s Sunset Strip looses its lust, the east side of Los Angeles (i.e. Silver Lake area) is becoming the place for underground metal music. Regardless of the dominance of digital media in hard rock music, venues like Whisky a Go Go, Roxy Theatre and Viper Room will always attract metal music fans to their concerts. Consecutively, these rock shows now constitute the main source of revenue for heavy metal bands, surpassing record sales.

Coal Chamber - Nadja Peulen photo - Pace's Playground podcast

Coal Chamber’s Nadja Peulen with Pace – Heavy Montréal 2015

The Coal Chamber style

Nadja Peulen esteems her band’s style rests on the particular way Meegs Rascon plays the guitar. In this podcast, she says her band’s metal music stems from the evolution of each member, both as artist and person. Peulen recognizes the side projects her bandmates got involved with – DevilDriver, Machine Gun Orchestra, Glass Pinata – helped the metal band gained maturity.

Effects of digital technologies on rock music industry

Bassist Nadja Peulen confesses in this interview not being concerned with social media. Whereas other hard rock bands stress over their number of fans on Facebook or followers on Twitter, she prefers a grounded approach to these new media. Peulen admits the DIY era (Do It Yourself) saturated the rock music market and made music producers obsolete.

Coal Chamber most viewed YouTube music video

Coal Chamber top songs (according to our superior mind)

  1. El Cu Cuy (Chamber Music)
  2. Loco (Coal Chamber)
  3. Fiend (Dark Days)
  4. Tragedy (Chamber Music)
  5. Dark Days (Dark Days)
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