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September 14, 2016 Korn – Munky talks Head’s departure, Ross Robinson and his penis size Posted In: Podcast, Rock Music

Korn photo

The departure of Brian “Head” WelchKorn - Brian "Head" Welch photo

In the podcastKorn guitarist “MunkyJames Shaffer speaks about the departure of Brian “Head” Welch from the rock band. Munky explains how he filled the void left by Brian Welch in band’s heavy metal music. James Shaffer illustrates the way he then developed his sense for melody, helping him write his best rock songs.

“I had to develop my sense of melodies and kinda split my brain in two, like left and right speaker” – “Munky” James Shaffer

The emotional escape provided by Korn albums

In the interview, James “Munky” Shaffer discusses the emotional relief their metal music provides. Munky confesses the members of the band, such as Jonathan Davis, need that emotional escape through music as well. James Shaffer, raised in Bakersfield, CA, discourses on hard rock music being a vector for personal liberation and expression.

From the  Who Then Now ? VHS to the  Deuce DVD

Formerly of L.A.P.D, James Shaffer discusses – in the podcast – the personal evolution experienced by each member of the heavy metal band. He tells about the growth of the heavy metal group, from a hopeful opening act – depicted in the Who Then Now ? video – to an established hard rock band – as seen in their Deuce DVD. Munky reveals that family is now the main focus for himself and his bandmates.

Korn - James "Munky" Shaffer photoWorking with producer Ross Robinson

Through this interview, “Munky” James Shaffer recounts working with Ross Robinson on albums Korn (1994) and Life is Peachy (1996). Munky then tells about their reunion with Robinson on Korn III: Remember Who You Are (2010). James Shaffer exposes Ross Robinson‘s talent at making musicians find the emotional root to their songwriting. Shaffer then speaks about the spirituality Ross Robinson – who worked with Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Fear Factory – inputs to music producing.

Evolution of Korn music

In the podcast, the founder of side project Fear and the Nervous System, James Shaffer explains how musicians keep experimenting, evolving and growing. Munky lists new instruments, structures, producers, and melodies as methods used to avoid writing the same rock songs, over and over.

Korn most viewed YouTube music video

KornFalling Away From MeIssues (1999)

Korn top songs (according to our superior mind)

  1. Falling Away From Me (Issues)
  2. Wake Up Hate (Untouchables)
  3. Blind (Korn)
  4. Freak On a Leash (Follow the Leader)
  5. A.D.I.D.A.S. (Life is Peachy)
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