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October 19, 2016 Staind chats about Dysfunction, anger in rock music and superheroes Posted In: Podcast, Rock Music

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Staind - Aaron Lewis photoFrom Dysfunction to Chapter V: maturity of Staind’s rock music

In this podcast, Mike Mushok – guitarist from Staind – reveals the evolution of the rock band’s style was not aimed at mainstream. From albums Dysfunction to Chapter V, the objective was to make better records and gain musical maturity. Staind‘s singer Aaron Lewis hopes fans acknowledge the evolution of his rock group’s style through albums, whether they enjoy Break the Cycle, 14 Shades of Grey or any of their material.

“I was angrier then… I was a little more distraught with what my life was at that time, and where that was all coming from. Lyrics and how I emote myself through what I’m singing always depends on what’s going on in my life at that time” – Aaron Lewis

Through this interview, Aaron Lewis recalls the recording of Staind‘s album Chapter V, which pushed the creative limits of the rock band. Producer David Bottrill requested perfection from the band, influencing Lewis and Mushok to experiment and add texture to their songs.

Staind - Aaron Lewis and Mike Mushok - Pace's Playground podcastProminence of anger emotionalism in rock and metal music

Considering current songwriters – such as Korn‘s Jon DavisAaron Lewis and Mike Mushok of Staind discuss the emotionalism in rock and metal music. As fans expect to experience the same feeling from song to song, Lewis explains that songwriting depends on the status of the artist’s life at the time of creation. The nature of rock and metal music condemns songwriters to exploit anger and despair almost exclusively, as expressed by Jon Davis in Korn‘s 4U (Issues).

How success in rock music changes an artist’s life

In the podcast, Staind‘s Aaron Lewis and Mike Mushok talk about how the growing success of their band changed their lives. Except for sudden monetary security, the band members kept a fairly similar way of life. For Lewis, routine remains going home after work and live peacefully in a small town where nobody cares about how famous he could be.

Staind most viewed YouTube music video


  1. Mudshovel (Dysfunction)
  2. Outside (Break the Cycle)
  3. So Far Away (14 Shades of Grey)
  4. Everything Changes (Chapter V)
  5. Home (Dysfunction)
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