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September 7, 2016 UFC – Frankie Edgar chats Gray Maynard, striking, and running for President Posted In: MMA, Podcast

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The Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard TrifectaUFC - Gray Maynard photo, one of Frankie Edgar's greatest opponent

In this podcastFrankie Edgar, former UFC Lightweight champion, discusses Gray Maynard, his greatest rival in mixed martial arts. Recalling their rematch at UFC 125 – Resolution (2011), Edgar talks about surviving the very difficult first round of the MMA fight. The New Jersey native admits the pause before round two helped him recuperate and adjust his strategy. Frankie “The Answer” Edgar reveals UFC fighters need cornermen to calm them down between rounds and keep their focus on the right objective.

“I always feel like I owe myself a victory… to myself, my teammates, my family… for all the sacrifices they put it, and that I put in myself.” – Frankie “The Answer” Edgar

Member of Team Ricardo Almeida, Frankie Edgar concedes he felt frustrated when training for his second rematch against Gray Maynard at UFC 136. Being unable to beat Maynard in two UFC fights (0-1-1), The Answer felts he owed himself, his family, trainers and fans a decisive victory. Even after his win against B.J. Penn at UFC 112, Frankie Edgar sensed he still had to put Gray Maynard behind him. The former UFC champion confesses his obsession with his rival, while his MMA training became more complex from rematch to rematch.

Before MMA fighting: Political Science and plumbing

UFC - Frankie Edgar photoIn this interview, Frankie “The Answer” Edgar explains how he had developed an interest in Political Science prior to his career in MMA fighting. The top UFC featherweight contender imagines what his campaign slogan would be, were he be running for US President. After graduating from Clarion University in Pennsylvania, Edgar put Politics aside to work with his father as a plumber and focus on becoming a MMA fighter.

MMA training: from wrestling to striking

Frankie Edgar, one of the top MMA fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, exposes – in the podcast – the challenges in learning a new MMA fighting style and philosophy. A college freestyle wrestling All-American (2004), Edgar divulges how his boxing coach, Mark Henry, helped him get comfortable with stand-up fighting.

UFC – Frankie Edgar full fight video

UFC 112: Invincible – Frankie Edgar vs B.J. Penn (04/10/2010)

UFC fighters rankings

Featherweight division (07/28/15)

Champion: Jose Aldo

  1. Conor McGregor (Interim Champion)
  2. Frankie Edgar
  3. Chad Mendes
  4. Ricardo Lamas
  5. Max Holloway
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