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September 21, 2016 UFC – Josh Koscheck speaks Georges St-Pierre, Matt Hughes, and Nick Diaz Posted In: MMA, Podcast

UFC - Josh Koscheck photo

Playing the bad guy vs Georges St-PierreUFC - Georges St-Pierre (GSP) photo, Josh Koscheck's UFC 124 opponnent

In this podcast, former UFC welterweight Josh Kosheck explains why a MMA fighter chooses to be the antagonist in a UFC fight. Recalling his UFC 124 bout against Georges St-Pierre, the Ultimate Fighter participant exposes how certain UFC fighters play the “bad guy”. Josh Koscheck talks about the marketing strategy used in cage fighting to build a MMA fight.

“Actually, there’s two jobs when you’re the main event. One, you gotta train for your fight, and, two, you gotta do PR and press.” – Josh Koscheck

Fiction vs reality in Mixed Martial Arts

In the interview, Josh Koscheck, newly-signed Bellator MMA fighter, exposes the dosage of fiction used in the promotion of UFC fights. The former American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) team member confesses Mixed Martial Arts fighters have to use showmanship to hype a MMA fight.

UFC - Josh Koscheck photoThe pressure of main eventing of UFC fight card

In the podcast, the four-time NCAA Division 1 All-American wrestler Josh Koscheck enumerates the responsibilities bestowed upon top fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Reminiscing Nick Diaz disappearing from the UFC 137 – Penn vs Diaz press tour, Josh Koscheck acknowledges the time it takes for a MMA fighter to get used to the media workload in the UFC.

MMA training against well-rounded UFC fighters

Through this interview, Koscheck, owner of the Dethrone Base Camp gym in Fresno, CA, divulges his MMA training strategy against well-rounded UFC fighters, such as Matt Hughes. Preparing for his UFC fight versus Matt Hughes (UFC 135 – Jones vs Rampage), Josh Koscheck focuses on enjoying his training, rather than concern himself with his opponent’s MMA skills set.

UFC – Josh Koscheck fight video

UFC 106: Ortiz vs Griffin 2 – Josh Koscheck vs Anthony Johnson

UFC fighters rankings

Welterweight division (07/18/15)

Champion: Robbie Lawler

  1. Johny Hendricks
  2. Rory MacDonald
  3. Tyron Woodley
  4. Carlos Condit
  5. Matt Brown
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